Get A Bigger Butt

Before                                       After

Ladies have you ever asked yourself how can I get a bigger butt? Have you ever tried any “bigger butt” exercises? Most of you have probably seen the Brazilian butt lift commercials on TV.

Well I was an athlete in college and still exercise regularly; but as you can see from the pictures the music video producers aren’t lined up at my door. Yep, I’m shaped just like my mom. I needed something quick, and inexpensive. Luckily a friend of mine had just the thing. It’s called the Panty Reshaper and it’s made by Ardyss International (the same company that makes the Body Magic). It’s a neat design – there are no pads and the butt is open – kinda like some old school Prince pants, but it works wonders. I’m wearing a size small, but they come from XXS to XXL. The Website also has a size calculator on it.
Click here to calculate your size and order your Panty Reshaper