Oh My Aching Back – Garments for Men

Fellas, at some point in our lives, we’re all going to deal with some lower back issues. Be it soreness from a hard day of yard work or a strain from picking up your kid (who got bigger without telling your back). Back injuries in sports are common in weight lifting, golf and basketball. My buddies who load boxes on 3rd shift are always coming up with back injuries – barbers who are on their feet all day complain about back pain too.

Ardyss international(yeah, the body magic company) has 3 garments designed specifically for men that are great for your lower back.

Men’s Abdomen Shirt

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Great for wearing while working out. Designed to give firm abdominal support and reinforce the lower back. It helps to protect the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue. Stimulates muscular toning in the abdomen. Can reduce waist up to 2 sizes. Great for fitting into that favorite pair of slacks that may be just a little snug around the waist.  The use of special material in the garment causes the muscles in the abdomen experience a rise in temperature, helping to burn fat, and helping internal organs function better!

Lumbo Men

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Designed specifically to prevent and correct annoying pains in the lower back. It protects the spine. The belt compacts the abdomen and improves positioning and shape. The design and method of applying pressure makes the back more resistant to new pain and trauma.

Corsymen Men’s Shaper

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This garment is designed to provide special support to those who are on their feet a lot, experience annoying back aches from being behind the wheel of a vehicle, or do a lot of bending and stooping. It is highly orthopedic in nature. It acts with the spine by encouraging proper shoulder back posture and relieves tension in the shoulder and back muscles. Tones the muscles in the abdomen. The elastic bands support and protect the spine making it more resistant to loads and trauma.